Long Term Conditions Self Help Resources

Many of our patients live their lives with a long-term condition – an illness that cannot be cured, such as diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, epilepsy and asthma. We want to support our patients to manage their condition well so they can live a full a life as possible.

If you feel your long term condition is deteriorating and you would like to discuss it with one of our Practice nurses, please contact us via PATCHS.

Talking Therapies Support

If you have a long term condition such a diabetes, chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, long Covid, cardiovascular disease, Talking Therapies East Cheshire can offer specialist psychological support.

If you would like to access counselling or therapy, you can refer yourself to the service.

Self help information for a range of long term conditions

There is lots of good quality information from support and charitable organisations with a special interest in particular conditions so we’ve pulled together some useful information to help you.

Working with a long term condition

Working with a long term condition can be difficult. Please visit this website for more information about help that is available to get into and stay in work when you have a long term condition or disability.