PATCHS - Online Access For Patients

On the 1st December 2022, we changed the way you contact us online by introducing a new online consultation system, called PATCHS. You can find information on PATCHS on this page.

We made the transition to PATCHS from our previous system to make sure we can deal with the increased number of requests we receive daily in an efficient and safe way.

We need to make sure our services are safe by ensuring support is available for those in need of urgent primary care, and those with serious healthcare needs.

Therefore we are seeking your support by asking you to think about alternatives to making an online request.  Before you contact us online, please remember to:

  • see if you can find the information you need to help you on the self-help section of our website – we’ve collated trusted information, advice and sources of support for a wide range of health issues.
  • phone 111 or visit (for age 5 and above) to get help about where to get the right support based on your symptoms.
  • seek help from your local pharmacy for minor ailments, such as coughs, colds, rashes etc – they may be able to help you quicker and be more convenient
  • use the NHS App to see your test results and order repeat prescriptions (please note that we are not accepting medication requests submitted via PATCHS).

This will help us make sure we have the time and capacity to support you when you need us and ensure we provide safe care to you and your family.

What does this mean for you as a patient?

  • The first time you are directed to PATCHS, you will need to register for an account (a very simple process needing your email address and a self- selected password. Middlewood does not have any control to create accounts or amend passwords, these belong to you as the patient. 
  • When submitting an online request, PATCHS will take you through a few simple questions that you answer in your own words to help direct your request to the right support.
  • Submit an online request if the medical issue is non-urgent (can wait more than 48 hours), if the request is more urgent then please call the surgery.
  • You can also submit admin requests via PATCHS.
  • You will need to use the NHS app or online access to order repeat prescriptions, or make a request in writing. Medication requests sent via PATCHS will not be accepted. 

Help with PATCHS

You will benefit from PATCHS by:

  • being prompted answer a few simple questions to help you get the right support from us
  • being able to track where your current request is within PATCHS.
  • being automatically advised to seek emergency care if your enquiry suggests this is needed.
  • freeing up GP and other staff time.

We’ve changed to PATCHS because it:

  • integrates with our GP health record system (EMIS)
  • offers ‘safety net’ features that will immediately advise patients when putting in requests to contact 999 or 111 in the case of emergency
  • provides options for sending text messages or other questionnaires to patients from within PATCHS
  • is able to ‘automatically’ code any of the information that is put into the patient record
  • allows patients to track where their request is up to

We are encouraging patients to use the NHS App or their NHS Account to order repeat prescriptions wherever possible.  Ordering via the NHS App or your NHS account is quicker, easier and safer.

Alternatively, repeat prescriptions requests can be made in writing.