PATCHS Frequently Asked Questions

Why have Middlewood changed to PATCHS?

We’ve changed to PATCHS because it:

  • integrates with our GP health record system (EMIS) – this will improve patient safety and save staff time 
  • offers ‘safety net’ features that will immediately advise patients when putting in requests to contact 999 or 111 in the case of emergency – this will improve patient safety
  • provides options for sending text messages or other questionnaires to patients within PATCHS rather than needing to link to other computer systems to achieve this – this will save staff time
  • is able to ‘automatically’ code any of the information that is put into the patient record – this will improve patient safety and save staff time
  • allows patients to track where their request is up to – this will be a benefit to patients and save staff time handling patient queries 


When will PATCHS be available?

PATCHS will be available from 1st December 2022. AskmyGP will no longer be available from this date.


Do all patients need to use PATCHS to make a request?

No. Those patients that don’t have online access or who don’t find it easy to make an online request can continue to phone us or call in at a practice base with their query. We fully understand that online access is not for everyone.


Can I register if PATCHS is not accepting clinical requests?

Yes you can still register if PATCHS is closed for clinical requests.

Am I be able to make a request to PATCHS outside of surgery opening hours?

No – you can only access PATCHS within normal surgery opening hours – 8am – 6.30pm. This is to ensure patient safety in case people make a request that needs urgent care that we don’t see for some time.

There may also be occasions when PATCHS is not available because we are dealing with a backlog of requests. Again this is to ensure patient safety. When PATCHS is not available, you can phone us or call in a practice base to request an appointment.


Where do you login and out of PATCHS?

You login and logout at the top right-hand corner of the screen .


What happens to the information that is in askmyGP?

The practice has access to all the data that is currently stored in askmyGP – as a large file for reference as needed.

All relevant data from askmyGP has been copied into each patient’s individual clinical record in the GP clinical record system – EIMIS.

From 1st December, patients will no longer have access to askmyGP data.


Can you access PATCHS via the NHS App?

Not at the moment. You can use the NHS App to order repeat medication, see test results and book blood tests at the practice.


Within PATCHS, how can I opt out of my anonymised data being used for research?

Anonymised data may be shared with the University of Manchester for research purposes. You can opt out of giving consent to sharing anonymised data once you have set up your account.

You can do this by:

  • clicking on the down arrow next to your name once you are logged into PATCHS.
  • click on data privacy settings – if you do not want to share anonymised data with Manchester University for research purposes, click on the blue button and a pop-up window will appear for you to confirm you opting out.

Can I book appointments and make requests for someone I care for?

Yes once you register with PATCHS yourself, you can add someone you care for and then book appointments and make requests on their behalf.


There are lots of different systems we need to use – what do they all do?

We appreciate that there are a number of different systems that patients are being advised to use.  Please find some explanation below of what each is for:


  • Order repeat prescriptions – quicker, easier and safer as your medication is already known and once you make the request it goes straight through to our prescribing team
  • View your health record
  • Make appointments – FOR BLOOD TESTS ONLY
  • Get health advice
  • Register your donor preferences
  • View your NHS Number



  • Contact Middlewood Partnership online with clinical and non-clinical requests
  • Note that phone and reception at the practices will still be available for those who do not have online access or for when PATCHS is not available


Patient Access

  • Order repeat prescriptions – NOTE THAT THE NHS APP IS THE PREFERRED METHOD
  • View your health record


Patient Knows Best

  • Used by some hospitals to access your health records
  • You can access Patient Knows Best via the NHS App if relevant to your care