PATCHS Update:

Firstly, can we thank you all for your support over the last few days whilst we switch from AskmyGP to PATCHS.  We have been updating the Q&A’s on the website to reflect questions that people have raised. You can visit the Q&A’s here:  PATCHS Q&A – The Middlewood Partnership

We would also like to thank the local councils and libraries who have supported us in running drop-in sessions to help people register on the system.

Please do feel free to bring your own mobile device to get help with registering, if you wish.

A small number of patients have fed back that they were not aware that the system was changing.  We have shared the information about the switch to PATCHS via our PPG’s, local councils, the local libraries, as well as leaflets, posters, social media and our website.  We are sorry if the range of communications that we have used have not reached you.

Thank you again for your feedback that the link to PATCHS is not immediately obvious on the website. We have now put a pop-up box on the website that will help with visibility of the link.  Please find the link for registering here:

If, when submitting a clinical request, you are informed that our clinical capacity has been reached you will not be able to submit a clinical request at that time. HOWEVER, you can still register and submit an administrative or medication request, and if your request is URGENT, you can contact the surgery by telephone.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding during this busy time.