Our Merger Story

In our journey from ‘loose’ working arrangements between four GP practices to our formal merger, we realised it wasn’t about doing things the way we’ve always done them.

Instead, we made a commitment to transforming the way we organised our services to improve the accessibility, quality and safety of the care we provide, alongside the wider need to integrate care with other care and health providers.

We took an approach that was:

Transformative and Technical

  • Changing our clinical services and looking at how we better deliver care in a more integrated, sustainable way.
  • Redesigning our estates to reflect our vision for service delivery.
  • Supporting our staff to change both how they work and the roles they undertake with the support of robust HR processes.
  • Ensuring we have the right policies, processes and legal and financial arrangements to support our new organisation and ways of working.

Innovative and Value driven

  • Using the merger to seek out the most innovative ways to change our practices; deliver our services; create and develop our workforce – both clinical and non-clinical.
  • Ensuring that the way we do things is in line with our shared values, being respectful of each others’ perspectives and maintaining staff health and wellbeing during these significant changes.