Why we’re changing to PATCHS

On 1st December 2022, we will be replacing askmyGP with an online consultation system, called PATCHS. Dr Rachel Hall, GP Partner, explains why we’re making the change:

“AskmyGP served Middlewood really well during Covid but we feel other available systems have overtaken askmyGP in terms of what they can do, and we need a system that will take us into the future.

PATCHS is an online consultation system with many extra features.  It’s being selected as the safest and most user-friendly online consultation system available across Cheshire and Merseyside.

We’re changing to PATCHS because it:

  • integrates with our GP health record system (EMIS) – this will improve patient safety and save staff time 
  • offers ‘safety net’ features that will immediately advise patients when putting in requests to contact 999 or 111 in the case of emergency – this will improve patient safety
  • provides options for sending text messages or other questionnaires to patients within PATCHS rather than needing to link to other computer systems to achieve this – this will save staff time
  • is able to ‘automatically’ code any of the information that is put into the patient record – this will improve patient safety and save staff time
  • allows patients to track where their request is up to – this will be a benefit to patients and save staff time handling patient queries 

We know it’s a different system for patients to get used to, but it will just require a simple registration when you login for the very first time. Then we hope you will find it as easy, or even easier to use.

We’re working to ensure the change goes as smoothly as possible and we thank you for your support.”