Across Middlewood, we have a large team of Nurses & Healthcare Assistants (HCA’s), who work alongside doctors and provide medical care as an integral part of the multidisciplinary team.

Providing clinical nursing services through:

  • triage
  • assessment
  • therapeutic care and treatment
  • diagnostic services
  • clinical data management

Coordinating patient services through:

  • networking with the other services
  • integration of service delivery
  • planning and management of care
  • providing information and feedback between the services, patients and GP
  • patient advocacy

Enhancing the management and prevention of ill health through:

  •  health screening
  • acute-and chronic-disease management
  • immunisation
  • recall
  • patient education
  • systems management

Sharon Wilson

Safeguarding Lead

Katy Ashton

Healthcare Assistant & Phlebotomist

Jo Bale

Practice Nurse

Ann Burgess

Practice Nurse

Sarah Barber


Catherine Chadwick

Practice Nurse

Sue Collier

Phlebotomist/ HCA

Helen Meakin

GPN/ Lead Tvn

Julie Palk

Healthcare Assistant

Sharon Rodgers

Healthcare Assistant

Sally Seviour

Practice Nurse

Nicola Walton

Practice Nurse

Eva Whiteside

Practice Nurse

Suzanne Wood

Practice Nurse