Medico-Legal Team

Who we are

The Middlewood Medico-legal team are based at McIlvride Medical Practice. They provide advice and support in completing various legal forms, documents and medicals.

What we do

Examples of activity that they are involved with include:

  • Firearms license requests
  • SARs (A SAR is a subject access request in which a data subject has a right to request details of all information about their medical notes).
  • Insurance forms
  • Travel cancellation forms
  • DVLA reports
  • Medicals (DVLA, fostering/adoption)
  • Disability Blue Badge forms
  • PIP forms
  • Council tax support forms
  • To Whom It May Concern Letters


The team are required to complete reports within one calendar month, starting from the day the report is received by the Medico-Legal Team. There are a couple of exceptions to this which will be discussed with you directly. 

Patients can collect their completed documents from any of the surgeries, so please make sure to mention this to the team if you have a preference. 

The work that the team undertake is none-NHS private work, and therefore fees do apply. These can be viewed here.

If you would like to speak to a member of the team personally, please call any of the surgeries and ask to be transferred to the Medico-Legal Team. Alternatively, you can send an email to