Making Your Home Safe and Comfortable

Memory issues or problems recognising and interpreting objects can cause a good deal of frustration or create safety issues. To help a person with dementia maintain their independence with dementia or memory problems it’s important to make home as easy to manage as possible.
Changes to a home do not have to be expensive. With some simple adjustments, a home can become safer and more comfortable, enabling independence and allowing a person to potentially remain in their home for longer.

Preventing falls at home
People living with dementia are at an increased risk of falling, and may also find it harder to recover from injury afterwards.
If a person with dementia has had a fall, it’s important to work out the cause so steps can be taken to prevent it from happening in future.
A personal alarm can help to raise assistance if falling is a problem. To prevent falls around the house, consider the following:
• remove rugs, as they can be loose and easy to trip over
• make sure footwear or slippers fit properly
• remove other trip hazards, including objects and wires on the floor
• keep essential objects, such as glasses or television remotes in one set place, within easy reach
• don’t rush or carry too much at once
• install bannisters or rails, to help with getting up and down stairs, or navigating around a bathroom
• encourage good general physical health and hydration.