A message from Middlewood

A message from Middlewood

As many of you already know we made the decision at Middlewood to participate in the COVID booster vaccination programme.  We took on this additional commitment so that we could provide booster vaccinations locally for our patients.  We are now into our 2nd month of delivering the programme, and so far, have delivered in the region of 3,500 booster vaccines.  We are trying, wherever possible, to offer a flu vaccine to all patients who have not already had a vaccine when they attend for the COIVD booster.  We will continue to do this wherever possible.  However, we do need our patients to be aware that we will not be able to offer anyone under age 65 a flu vaccine, attending the COVID booster clinic, before the 19th of November due to a supply shortage.

Thank you to everyone for their patience and understanding whilst we continue to deliver this important programme alongside our other general practice commitments.

It is also worth commenting on the huge strain that the NHS, in general, is under at the present time. Whilst graphs of hospital waiting lists and images of packed A&E departments seem to provide news outlets and headlines, the pressure on General Practice is probably even greater. 

Here are a few reminders of how we can get through this together:

  • Redouble your efforts to stay healthy – eat well, exercise more and look out for your family, friends and neighbours.
  • Attend your flu vaccination and covid booster when we contact you.
  • Use the health service appropriately. Seek advice from the NHS or your local pharmacy before contacting the GP or attending A&E. 
  • Do still come forward and request an appointment if you have symptoms suggestive of a serious illness. Delays to essential treatment remain a significant concern for us all.

And finally, please continue to be kind to everyone, we are so grateful for all of you who are continuing to show your appreciation.  Patience and understanding do make the world of difference.

Thank you, everyone.  We will get through this together.