World Menopause Awareness Day – 18th October

Today we mark World Menopause Day.

Menopause is a hot topic (in many respects!) and something that can affect women to varying degrees. Some can feel very debilitated and isolated, struggling with symptoms that can impact them at home and work. The recent media coverage has been brilliant in encouraging people to talk to each other and seek help, highlighting that there are options out there. Unfortunately, the media also paint the picture that we as GPs don’t care, that we’ll fob you off with something else or tell you to ‘get on with it.’

We want to help.

Contrary to the media’s belief we do prescribe a lot of HRT, we do chat with women about menopause. Sometimes HRT isn’t appropriate, and sometimes what patients want is beyond what we can do in Primary Care but we still aim to work with the patient to find a solution. We need you to help us too – we appreciate the questionnaires on symptoms can take time to complete, and that you may not have a home blood pressure machine lying around at home but any information you can give us prior to the consultation helps.

We have updated the Middlewood website to give you more information, provided links to symptom checklists and also highlighted information for partners (who we realise can also be affected).

So, don’t feel alone, don’t feel that no one cares. Let us know if you’re struggling. We want to help.