Why we merged

Why we merged?

We were historically a group of four GP practices who had worked together for five years.

The experiences of working in a ‘loose’, collaborative arrangement allowed Partners to identify that only by fully merging would they be able to realise the benefits of working at scale.

These benefits include:

  • Services being better coordinated and integrated to benefit patients. Examples of this are women’s health, long term conditions clinics
  • Greater opportunities for our workforce to both personally and professionally develop. We now have new roles including complaints manager, HR leads, finance roles, IG lead, health and safety roles.
  • A more sustainable, resilient workforce. We now have secretaries, and administrators sharing the workload.
  • Recruitment of staff: We have recently been able to appoint to 2 salaried GP positions
  • Providing a better work-life balance for our workforce. We can better manage absence and sickness and reduced our overtime commitments
  • Developing a workforce that has the skills and experience to meet the needs of the more complex and complicated patients that are now cared for in General Practice. Establishment of long-term condition clinics with longer appointment times.
  • Efficiencies from working at scale. We now have a GP and nurse rota covering all four practice bases and have reduced our locum requirements significantly.
  • The establishment of a Primary Care Network has been better able to work with our community and social care and voluntary sector colleagues to enhance and integrate the care and support we can provide to our patients. This has included the establishment of a shared visiting service.
  • Introduction of innovative ways of working including a digital clinical triage system

Our strong principles of delivering high-quality care, having mutual respect, and shared values have helped develop a bold and ambitious shared vision as we brought our four practices together.