What test to take if you have Covid Symptoms?

Covid is rising again locally unfortunately.  The good news is that at present the numbers of hospitalisations is relatively static but certainly we are seeing a  higher incidence amongst particularly younger people and children.  

We are all aware that Covid can present with a variety of different symptoms ranging from none to severe fatigue, high temperature and dry cough. 

When people are phoning with symptoms which could be suggestive of Covid, health care professionals across the country are finding some confusion about the different types of Covid tests. 

Lateral flow tests (the type of tests many of us are doing ourselves at home) are not designed to be used if you have symptoms.   They are there to detect asymptomatic cases.  If you have symptoms like a cough or a temperature unfortunately a normal lateral flow test cannot be used to say that you don’t have Covid.  

If you do have symptoms then please book a PCR test by clicking on this link https://www.gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test or phoning 119.  

Many thanks