Wellbeing Quiz at Disley Showcase

Well done to Jean Oakley who won the Schoolhouse Surgery wellbeing quiz at Disley Showcase on 30 July.  Joan received a lovely hamper of goodies from Patient Participation Group (PPG) Chairman, Paul Vickers.  Here are the answers!


Which would be best regarded as a healthy blood pressure?

a: 80/50mmHg

b: 110/70mmHg

c: 140/90mmHg

d: 180/90mmHg

The other readings are potentially too low or too high


What is type 1 diabetes?

a: The body is unable to produce glucose and lacks energy as a result

b: The body creates too many ketones

c: The body cannot produce any insulin

d: The body cannot properly use its insulin

c and d are essentially the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes


“I don’t feel well”…. How long might the following conditions take to settle with or without treatment (match the conditions to the timescales)?

a: ear infection – about four days

b: sore throat – about 1 week

c: the common cold – about 1.5 weeks

d: sinusitis – 2-5 weeks

e: A cough – around 3 weeks

These are the timescales one might expect the conditions to last (with or without treatment)


Signs and symptoms of a heart attack include?

a: Discomfort in the upper body, including the arms, neck, back, jaw or stomach?

b: Chest pain or discomfort

c: Nausea and vomiting

d: All of the above

Call 999 when the pattern of symptoms are suggestive of a heart attack


What percentage of sore throats are caused by a virus and therefore don’t require antibiotics?

a: 25%

b: 50%

c: 90%

d: 75%

Hence sore throats rarely require antibiotics


What is thought to be the most reliable way of checking your blood pressure?

a: an appointment with the GP

b: an appointment with the practice nurse

c: a visit to the pharmacy

d: readings taken yourself at home

Hence, if possible purchasing your own monitor provides more reliable readings to base treatment decisions


What is a resting heart rate?

a: When your heart takes a break from working

b: When your heart rate is 175

c: When your heart rate is at its lowest beats per minute (bpm) at rest

d: 220 minus your age


About 80%of your body is made up of water?

a: True

b: False -It’s about 60%


Which organ can regenerate itself?

a: Kidney

b: Heart

c: Liver

d: Lung

But only to a limited extent!


COVID-19 has had a negative impact on mental health. How many people felt that their mental health got worse during the COVID-19 pandemic?

a: 2 in 5 people

b: 1 in 10 people

c: 1 in 3 people

d: 3 in 6 people

This is on top of a considerable deterioration in the nation’s mental health over the last few decades


Two numbers make up your blood pressure. Systolic reading: is the higher one when your heart pumps, Diastolic reading: is the lower one when your heart relaxes. Which one is most important to ensure is normal good health?

a: Systolic

b: Diastolic

c: They are both equally important


How many people living in Disley would you estimate have a diagnosis of dementia?

a: 20

b: 40

c: 80

d: 100

More than you might think?


How many people who are under 65 years old are living with Dementia in the UK?

a: 25,000

b: 42,000

c: 27,000

d: 54,000


What type of fat is present in healthy diets?

a: Saturated fat

b: Mono-saturated fat

c: Disaturated fat

d: Poly-unsaturated fat


About how many types of cancer are there?

a: There are roughly 50 types of cancer

b: There are more than 100 types of cancer

c: There are about 300 types of cancer

d: There are more than 1,000 types of cancer

1 in 2-3 of us will develop cancer in our lifetime


Which is the most common form of cancer in all humans?

a: Brain cancer

b: Leukemia

c: Skin cancer

d: Colon cancer

Highlights the importance of sun protection


How many people living with Parkinson’s Disease also have other health conditions?

a: 57%

b: 91%

c: 30%

d: 63%

Parkinson’s Disease tends to occur in later life and hence there are usually other conditions present


What is the largest human organ?

a: Heart

b: Lung

c: Skin

d: Brain