Update for Schoolhouse

It probably goes without saying, but it has been a challenging year on so many different levels. Nobody could have predicted the impact of the pandemic on every aspect of our lives, not least the provision for healthcare locally.  Whilst there are likely to still be some bumps in the road, the path to a return to something resembling normal looks more promising. 

First a few words of gratitude:

Thank you…

…for everyone’s patience and support with all the changes that have been necessary over the last year. It has not always been possible to communicate the reasons for every alteration in the service, but I am grateful for the trust and understanding that we had sought to consider the implications of every decision.

…for respecting and tolerating the switch to mostly virtual consultations, to limit the risks of COVID transmission from face-to-face interactions.  The Schoolhouse Surgery has remained a hive of activity over the last year – accommodating lots of staff conducting telephone, video, and traditional consultations when required.  We have also used the opportunity to make some long-overdue improvements to the building.  Whilst the curtains, the carpets, and the soft furnishing added to the ambience of the Surgery, they contravened numerous infection control rules and would have led to us breaching any formal inspection.  We have new flooring, new blinds, and new chairs, and completely refurbished nursing rooms making the Schoolhouse Surgery fit for the future. 

for helping us to help you, by making the journey to Poynton or Bollington, when necessary.  This includes nursing appointments or an urgent consultation with a GP.  As some of you will be aware Health Care Assistant appointments have been happening in Disley for some time and as we head into the summer the new nursing rooms will be gradually brought back into service. There will still be occasions when a trip to a neighbouring village will be necessary, perhaps to receive care from a colleague with a particular interest or receive your second COVID vaccination, and again I hope this will continue to be gratefully received.

…to those of you that have consented to have your consultation with a GP registrar recorded for training, education, and assessment purposes.  The pandemic led to the cessation of all professional face-to-face examinations and the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) needed to act quickly to ensure trainees were still able to progress to become fully qualified (and prevent an even worse workforce crisis).  Hence some trainee GPs need to record quite a number of their consultations and submit them (with the tightest security and confidentiality) to the RCGP to gain the necessary accreditation. Without your kind consent, our lovely registrars would not be able to progress with their careers.

…and finally, for the wonderful messages of support that have come into the Practice over the last year – they have been extremely gratefully received.  The Schoolhouse Surgery is in better shape, better condition, and more resilient than it has been for many years.  We now have three Middlewood GP Partners based at SHS.  Local residents can safely look forward to a bright future for healthcare in Disley.