Trust us – and help us to help you

The covid-19 vaccination programme is going to be the largest immunisation venture ever undertaken by the NHS and it is entirely appropriate that General Practice has been asked to facilitate the implementation.  Surgeries up and down the country have been successfully delivering flu jabs every year for decades and this year has been no different.  Indeed, for this winter’s flu campaign Middlewood has given more vaccinations than any other group of GPs across Cheshire – an achievement that we are extremely proud of.  Hence, Middlewood is confident that we are best placed, well equipped and can be trusted to manage a vaccination programme to our registered population. We are going to strive to vaccinate every eligible person as soon as we can, in the safest manner possible.

However, delivering the covid-19 vaccinations is going to come with considerable challenges and therefore we are going to need your help to successfully immunise all our eligible patients.  This is going to need to be a whole community effort – here are a few examples of the assistance you can provide:

  • Regardless of your view on the management of this pandemic thus far, and taking into account the extraordinary scale of the delivery of the immunisation programme, it is reasonable to assume there are likely to be further problems and uncertainties beyond the control of general practice.  We still are awaiting confirmation of when the COVID vaccinations will arrive and therefore confirmed dates for starting the immunisation programme.  We are extremely grateful for your ongoing understanding and patience and we will endeavour to provide regular updates on the website and in the local press. Please help by spreading the news to your family, friends and neighbours.
  • As soon as we receive notification of WHEN our vaccines will be delivered, and how many, WE will contact YOU.  Please don’t contact us to book your jab (unless invited to). There will be a different booking system, and we will be informing those who are eligible for a vaccination, in the nationally dictated order of priority, by text, phone, or if needed, letter. Please await your invitation and please do not contact the surgery unless requested to.
  • As has been well-publicised the logistics of delivering some of the vaccines are challenging. For example, for the Pfizer vaccination we will have to administer about 1000 vaccinations within 3 days, from the date of arrival of the vaccine. A second dose will then be given 21 days later. Please accept our apologies in advance for the short notice for appointments and please do make every effort to attend when you are invited for both vaccinations.
  • Vaccinations will be given according to the strict prioritisation scheme handed down, and widely publicised, by the Department of Health. Inevitably, the guidance doesn’t cover every individual circumstance, just as is the case in all aspects of healthcare, and therefore we are again asking for your patience and understanding as we negotiate the uncertainties. Patients will be called according to their priority grouping – please try to support any family member, friend or neighbour who has been called to attend.

To be able to deliver the vaccination programme we will need a considerable number of our healthcare professionals focusing on vaccinating throughout the next 6 to 12 months. As many of you are aware throughout this pandemic, all your doctors, nurses and allied healthcare professionals in Middlewood have continued to work incredibly hard, meeting increasing demands and often covering for poorly or self-isolating  colleagues.  We are going to try to continue to offer all our usual services but inevitably this is going to put mounting pressure on your clinicians. Finally and most importantly – please be understanding and considerate of the pressure your doctors, nurses, reception and administrative staff are under at this time and try to self-manage any possible self-limiting illness.  Before you contact the Surgery please stop and think – is the Surgery the only place I can get advice?

Please during this unprecedented time wherever possible, and appropriate, remember to use self-care and your local pharmacy team to deal with any minor illness.

With everyone’s support across Poynton, Bollington and Disley, the Middlewood Partnership is confident that we can deliver the covid-9 vaccination programme in an efficient, safe and timely manner. Trust us, and help us to help you.

Thank you in advance for your support.