The Faces of the Middlewood Covid-19 Vaccination Programme

Vaccinating the populations of Bollington, Disley and Poynton in a safe, efficient and rapid manner was always going to involve leadership, organisation and teamwork. The faces pictured here are just some of the team involved in the first week of our vaccination programme at Poynton Civic Centre.  So far we have vaccinated 2623 people and have 3 more clinics scheduled between now and Tuesday along with a team of clinicians from Middlewood and East Cheshire Trust who are going out to vaccinate our care home residents and our housebound patients.

We heard many words of gratitude from residents who attended our clinics last week and earlier this week to be vaccinated – your kind comments are truly appreciated. We witnessed the excitement of the start of the roll out of the immunisation programme in our community and feel privileged to play our part in this.

We are also very much aware of the huge debt of gratitude we owe to the unseen faces of the  vaccination programme – without whom the whole exercise would have not been possible.  For example, the Middlewood team members who tirelessly telephone hundreds of patients to book their slots, the friend who puts themselves at risk to take a vulnerable neighbour to Poynton (and then waits in a freezing carpark whilst they have their vaccination), and those patients who are on reserve lists and drop everything to rush to Poynton at a moments notice to ensure no vaccine is wasted – we salute and thank you.  There are so many more examples of people in our community beavering away, or putting themselves out, to make this vaccination programme a success – we all have our part to play in beating Covid-19 and your roles are not being forgotten.  Thank you!

The Middlewood Partners.