Start of the Middlewood Covid Vaccination Programme

A Message to Middlewood Patients

Thank you for your patience over the last few weeks regarding the COVID vaccination programme. We are delighted to confirm that we have received confirmation of our status as a COVID vaccination site and are now in a position to let you know how the national vaccination programme will be implemented for our registered patients at Middlewood.

A few facts – we share your frustration at this time:
• We have had, and will continue to have, little control over when the vaccine is supplied to us. This means appointment times and arrangements will be at very short notice.
• We have no control over which vaccines we will be getting and therefore we will not be able to allow patients to choose which vaccine they have.
• We are organising clinics as detailed below. At this stage we are uncertain of the dates of future deliveries and therefore when future clinics will be. We will keep you informed as soon as we know.
• We are required to only vaccinate from one physical base (except for care homes). This will be the Civic Centre in Poynton.

How will the roll out work?
Based on national criteria we will start vaccinating:
• Care home residents and the staff from Monday 18th January
• Middlewood registered patients who are over 80 on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th of January

How will I get my appointment?
• You will either receive a text message or a telephone call inviting you to attend the clinic. The text message will ask you to click on a link taking you directly to the booking system to book your appointment.
• If we do not have a mobile phone number registered on our system for you we will telephone you and book the appointment directly with you.
• We will not be sending letters as there will not be enough time for people to receive them before the appointments.
• You may be asked to attend clinics at very short notice. Please try to attend.
• There will be a telephone number for you to contact with queries relating to the vaccine. This will only be for vaccination questions and we will not be able to answer questions relating to anything else
• Please DO NOT contact our main receptions at any practice base about questions relating to COVID vaccination appointments. They will not have any information available about this.

Can I change my appointment?
• We would strongly urge you to attend the appointment you are given. We do not know when we will get next vaccine supplies and therefore will not be able to offer you another appointment at this time.

Where will I have to go to get my vaccination?
• At this time all vaccinations (except for care homes) will take place at Poynton Civic Centre. Directions can be found at

• There are services we can connect you with to help with transport if needed. We will do this once you have an appointment confirmed so arrangements can be made.

What will happen when I get to the clinic?
• You will receive an appointment time. Please aim to arrive at the Civic Centre as close to that time as possible.
• We understand people will want to get there early and if you do please wait in your car until your appointment time.
• We will ask everyone to wear a face covering and to maintain social distancing rules at all times.
• There will be lots of staff to help you get to where you need to be.

• Please enter via the doors at the back of the Civic Centre.  Please do not enter via the library or main entrance to the Civic Centre.

• When you come into the Civic Centre you will be directed to a member of staff who will confirm your consent for the vaccination.
• Following that you will be directed to one of our vaccinators.
• We kindly ask that you wear clothing that will allow easy access to your upper arm.
• Once you have received your vaccination you will be required to remain in the premises for 15 minutes. This is so that we can monitor you in case of an allergic reaction. Please note if this is going to occur it would happen within 15 minutes of receiving the vaccination. It is important to stress that allergic reactions to the COVID vaccination are very rare.

When will I get my 2nd vaccination?
• Based on national guidance we will be inviting people for the 2nd vaccination 10 weeks after having received the first one. Please do not contact us about this we will contact you.

When will Middlewood get more vaccine?
• We have not been informed when our next delivery will be.
• As soon as we know this we will update the information on our website.
• Again, please do not contact us about the vaccine – we will contact you when you are within the eligible groupings.

And finally:
The implementation of this programme is going to require a considerable number of our staff being involved at a time when we are experiencing very high staff sickness and staff having to self-isolate. We are going to be trying to continue to offer all our usual services and this inevitably is going to put mounting pressure on your clinicians. Please be understanding and considerate of the pressure your doctors, nurses, reception and administrative staff are under.

During this unprecedented time, and wherever possible and appropriate, remember to use self-care and your local pharmacy team to deal with any minor illness.

With everyone’s support across Poynton, Bollington and Disley, the Middlewood Partnership is confident that we can deliver the Covid-19 vaccination programme in an efficient, safe and timely manner. Trust us, and help us to help you.

The Middlewood Partners.

Please see this video for what to expect at the vaccination clinic