Plan for success – Wednesday

Making a plan and keeping track of what you do can all help in changing your behaviour for the better. Small changes can result in big gains too when planning meals and snacks, and eating out – and perhaps also save the pennies.

Quick wins
Plan your meals, and snacks, before you go shopping. This can help with budgeting, but also with making healthier choices.
Plan some time into your day for exercise, this could be deciding to walk home from work once a week or organising time to go for a run or play a sport.

Activities and ideas
Here are a few ideas for what you could do to plan for success …

Plan ahead – Make a food plan for the week and keep it varied
Use the Weekly meal planner to help plan what you could eat during the week and stick this up in their kitchen at home. You can share this example 7 day meal planner for support and inspiration.
Small changes, big gains – learn about how behaviour change can support making healthier choices. Use this to plan to modify different aspects of your life to support healthier living.
Try, swap & change planner – use this to make a change by planning healthier life swaps and opting for changes they can stick to with the support of this planner.
Eat Well – behaviours to help – set targets and work with buddies to make healthier changes to their lifestyle.
What about eating outside the home? – now restaurants and coffee shops are open, make sure to opt for healthier options.

Track your progress – Set goals and track how well you do
Display the trackers to encourage everyone to fill out how well they are doing. Adult Tracker, Keep Drinking, Keep Moving.
A family Eat well tracker – stick on the fridge and work through with your family!

Have kids? Why not get them to use the Healthy Eating Week tracker just for them?

Change your normal – Small changes can help you achieve your goals
Getting lunch? Check the front of pack nutrition labels for those with mostly ‘greens’ and ‘ambers’. It’s also a chance to try something new!
If you are getting back to work, consider active travel and investigate a walk or cycle to work scheme. If you are working at home, including a walk during your working day and to take regular breaks from sitting.

Other considerations
Healthy eating on a budget – check out these top tips on healthy eating on a budget.
Take a look before you go shopping, and plan your meals! QC on a budget – use these budgeting tips and swaps to make healthy meals at a lower cost.