Our Ongoing Covid Vaccination Programme

A message from the Partners

Thank you to all our patients for the continuing support and understanding.  We wanted to share with you some updates regarding our recent work.  Many of you will have seen the recent headlines relating  to the push for COVID vaccinations to be done by GPs to help increase the pace of the roll out of the booster programme.  Based on some press messages you could interpret this as, GP practices having not been not been involved up to now.  As many will know that hasn’t applied to Middlewood!

It is difficult to comprehend that this time last year we had not given a single vaccination!  We are so proud to have been part of the original roll out of the  Vaccination programme and in that phase our team of volunteers and Middlewood staff gave a total of 22,537 vaccinations (both first and second doses) which was an enormous achievement.

When the opportunity arose for GP practices to participate in the booster programme we took the decision, as a Partnership, to commit to this as we felt it was very important to continue our efforts to provide booster vaccinations to our patients.  Of the utmost importance to us was that our vulnerable patients had an option to receive a booster vaccination as close to home as possible.  It has not been easy, but we have made sure that our housebound and care home residents have all been vaccinated to try to protect them as much as possible in what could be difficult months ahead.

Up to now we have given 6,075 booster vaccinations which will provide this group of patients with additional protection with further the risk of the spread of the OMICRON variant emerging.  We have also been giving flu jabs at the same time to many people giving additional protection against influenza.

The ongoing challenge is to continue with the booster programme whilst not reducing our clinical capacity.   We are indebted to:

  • Our outstanding team of volunteers who have done an absolutely fantastic job both doing the marshalling, the administration and giving the boosters themselves.
  • Our Middlewood team who continue to work extra hours in their days off, over weekends and in the evenings, to coordinate and align the systems needed to get from identifying those patients eligible for a vaccine, to actually putting the vaccine in the arms of patients, to tidying up at the end of each clinic and preparing for the next one

Thank you to you all!

We are delighted that heading into what is likely to be a time of significantly higher period of COVID infections across the country that we have managed to boost the protection of our most at risk populations already in our communities.

Please continue to look after yourself and be mindful of the continuing government guidance for COVID to help protect yourself and our community.  In particular, if you develop any symptoms which could represent a new COVID infection then please organise a PCR test rather than relying on lateral flows.  This is critical to monitor the spread of the new OMICRON variant.