Ordering Your Medication

We want to make ordering your medication as easy and as safe as possible. Using our online systems reduces the chances of errors or delays, so we have created this guide to help you help us provide the most responsive service possible.

Below is how to order repeat (your regular) mediation and acute (usually one-off) medications.

Repeat Medication

Most medications taken regularly are “on repeat” – this means they can be ordered without an appointment or consultation.

This medication is given for a maximum of two months unless you are on certain medications.

Traditionally, the list of these drugs sits on the right-hand side of your prescription, and was used as a tick list in less technological times!

Repeat medications are subject to occasional checks, such as blood test monitoring, or medication reviews, where the underlying conditions for which you take the medications are reviewed by a nurse or GP to ensure they work and are safe. We also make checks to ensure medications “on repeat” are not ordered too frequently or under-ordered.

If your review is overdue, we will usually contact you by text, phone, or note to inform you, and will try to provide you with details of what is needed (e.g. a blood test, a phone call, an examination).

How To Order Repeat Medication?

How to order “repeat” medication, in our order of preference and speed of response:

  1. Preferably, sign up for patient access as outlined below. You can nominate someone to do this for you if you are over 16 or under 11.
  2. If unable to use patient access, use our online consultation service, AskMyGP,  and your request will be passed on to our medicines team. A carer can do this for you.
  3. If you want to send us the right-hand side of your repeat prescription, or a letter, outlining what is needed from your repeat prescription (but no other requests), then please send this to Bollington Medical Practice (Middlewood Partnership The Waterhouse, Wellington Rd, Bollington, Macclesfield SK10 5JH).
  4. This right-hand side can be dropped into the prescription inbox at each of our surgeries or through the letterbox if closed.
  5. Finally, in exceptional circumstances, and if the above options are not available to you, we will accept emails to ecccg.middlewood@nhs.net and, for those without online access, telephone requests to our reception team.


Please note option 1- patient access is the quickest way of getting your medication.

Acute Medication

“Acute”, or one-off medication, is usually prescribed as a result of a consultation with a health professional.

Additionally, any changes to your dose, strength, or quantity are also carried out following agreement by the GP.

Even if it has been issued in the past, if it is not on “repeat” (see above), then some form of consultation is required to understand why this medication has been requested.

This is best done via AskMyGP – our virtual consultation platform which means that over half of all medication requests can be sorted without having to see or speak to a GP. We will often have to check symptoms and ensure the safety of “acute” medications, so thank you for using this service if you can.

How to order Acute Medications

How to order “one-off” (acute) or past medications, or request a change, in our order of preference and for the speed of response:

  1. Preferably, sign up to use AskMyGP and tell us what medication you need and why – we will contact you back directly and may ask more questions or request a telephone or face-to-face appointment/tests, etc.
  2. If unable to use AskMyGp, please telephone your practice and explain which medication you need and why, the message will be conveyed to our doctors for their attention. You may be asked to speak to a GP or attend the surgery as a result of any request for medication

Only if the above is not possible should you consider the following (in exceptional circumstances):

  • Email us at ecccg.middlewood@nhs.net if you are unable to use the above systems and provide as much detail as possible,
  • Send us a letter detailing the request to Bollington Medical Centre (Middlewood Partnership The Waterhouse, Wellington Rd, Bollington, Macclesfield SK10 5JH) where our team will convert your query into a request from the doctors.


Please do not write requests for one-off medications on the right-hand side of prescriptions or hand in empty boxes etc.

Collecting Your Prescription

We will send your prescription to your chosen chemist in most cases.

Very rarely will prescriptions need to be collected from the surgery, but if they are, you will need to take the paper prescription we produce to a chemist of your choice.

We strongly recommend anyone receiving a prescription from us (repeat or “acute”/one-off) nominate a pharmacy to receive the prescription electronically.

You can do this by indicating this to us at the time of the request, or speaking to your local pharmacist/chemist. This means the prescription details are sent electronically directly to the chemist of your choice via a confidential and secure NHS network.

You can then simply collect the prescription from the chemist of your choice, or arrange with the chemist for it to be delivered. Please note we have no control over how long it will take the community pharmacy (chemist) to prepare your prescription after it sent by us, or when it is delivered.