NHS App – accessing your medication, test results & immunisation records online

Patient Online Access

Access to Covid Pass for domestic and international travel, as well as prescription ordering, test results, and immunisation records.

The NHS app combines all a patient’s medical needs at Middlewood into one convenient location.

What exactly does this imply for patients?

There are no forms to fill out for an online account, and identification verification may be done from the comfort of your own home using the APP.

If you have no smartphone access. It is not an issue; the NHS app may still be accessed on a computer by going to https://www.nhsapp.service.nhs.uk/login

If you have already enrolled, you can still use the Patient Access app. Patient access login is still available at https://www.patientaccess.com/

We are encouraging all patients to contact the surgery via askmyGP for all proxy access requests, as this still requires a form to be filled out.