Ways of Contacting Us during Covid Restrictrions

Why Do We need remote consultations?

Things are very different now to before the arrival of Covid 19 and we have had to adapt very quickly to the new way of living. Whereas in the past we used to see lots of our patients face to face, now we can’t do that so easily and so we are adapting to different ways of managing people.

The good news is that we already had askmyGP at the practice and so many of you were used to contacting the surgery online and indeed having a degree of remote consultations. The difference now is that whereas before we used to see many people in person, now that number is much, much smaller. By using technology however we are finding that we can really effectively manage people remotely who perhaps we used to bring down to the surgery.

“Virtual consultations are going to save lives.  When you have a rapidly spreading disease, you’ve simply got to reduce the number of people consulting face-to-face”

Prof Trish Greenhalgh – Professor of Primary Care Health Sciences Oxford University


Please contact us using askmyGP


What form do consultations now take?

In line with Government policy, all of our contacts are triaged in order to find out the best and safest way to meet your needs. This may be with some online advice using askmyGP, by a telephone conversation, a video consultation or we may suggest we do see you face to face.

If we do see you face to face we will tell you where to come and please note that it may well not be your traditional practice base. We are working hard to separate patients with different symptoms into different areas to try to as much as possible reduce the risk of spread of Covid-19. You can read more about our zones here.

We are using a system called accurx for our video consultations and you can view of demonstration of how to set this up here


We are very aware that with all of the attention now on Covid 19 that people are maybe less likely to contact us with problems which may normally would do. There is some evidence now already that this is having a negative effect on people’s health. Of course if you can manage things yourself then it would be very helpful for you to do so for minor illness.  If however there are things which are more serious or you need our advice then please do contact us.

It is important that we continue to manage chronic diseases, even more so because your hospital appointments may well be significantly delayed. As we move forward then we will be proactively contacting you around your usual chronic disease monitoring which may well also happen remotely or slightly differently this year to normal.


See more about remote consultations in the video below: