In order to keep everyone safe we have established a zonal way of working. This has now become national policy.  The aim is to try to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission by separating people into different zones according to their likelihood of transmission. This also allows us to reduce risk to staff by centralising PPE (personal protective equipment) and allows us to plan rotas by not having clinicians move from the higher risk zones to lower risk zones in quick succession to again reduce risk of transmission.

We are fortunate in that the changes we have made to the Middlewood Partnership over the last 12 months have allowed us to make these changes somewhat easier than they would have been prior to our merger. We are very thankful of the understanding of all our patients with the changes that have been made.

Below is a description of the different zones:

Red Zone

This zone is where we see patients who have symptoms which could be compatible with Covid-19 and need to be seen for a physical examination. This could be because they have respiratory symptoms which need to be assessed or they have Covid symptoms and need to be seen for another reason.

Patients who need to be assessed will be seen in McIlvride Medical Practice in Chester Road, Poynton. We have adapted the space to make it easier and safer to see patients there.

If you are to be seen at this site you will be given instructions of how to attend. Usually the clinician seeing you will speak to you on the phone in order to understand what is going on and then invite you in just for the examination to reduce contact time. The clinician will be wearing full PPE. They may ask you to wait in your car to finalise the management plan.

Amber Zone

This zone is where patients are seen who need an examination for any other reasons other than Covid-19. Examples would be for things like abdominal pain or headaches where an examination is needed and this cannot be done over the phone.

Please note that because of rotas you may not be seeing the doctor you would usually see.

There are two amber sites – Priorslegh Medical Centre and Bollington Medical Centre.

If you are to be brought down a doctor will almost always speak to you first and advise you to come down – please do not attend too early for your appointment to minimise your time waiting in the waiting room. We will try to run on time by spacing appointments out more than we normally do.

Green Zone

This zone is where clinicians can work to consult remotely and so we will not be seeing patients face to face in these zones. There are green zones in Priorslegh and Bollington as well as Disley Surgery.

By having a designated green zone we can have a space for clinicians to work and still consult with patients who may not be able to see people face to face for a variety of different reasons.

Purple Zone

This final zone is designed to be our most controlled zone and has been created principally for higher risk people, especially those who my be shielding at home. We understand that people will be anxious to attend the surgery when they may have spent many weeks isolating themselves at home. We intend this zone only to be for people who are not unwell but need to have routine healthcare.

Examples of activities carried out in the Purple Zone will be blood tests, particularly for people on Disease Modifying Drugs and Warfarin, baby checks and vaccinations and antenatal checks.

We are taking particular care in ensuring that the clinicians who are seeing patients are at the lowest risk of transmission, that rooms are designated for particular groups of people. We will ensure that appointments are spaced out as much as possible and particular attention is applied to infection control measures such as thorough cleaning.

We will screen people prior to having an appointment to ensure they don’t have any infective symptoms.

No contact at present is without risk but by creating this area we aim to reduce that risk to as low as possible. It is important to remember that by not having routine healthcare there may well be a greater risk to our population.

Our current purple zones are the Poynton Clinic designated areas in Bollington Medical Centre