Middlewood has a new website!

new website Middlewood partnership NHS

Some might say it’s an end of an era. We have said goodbye to Middlewood partnership’s individual GP website’s over the weekend. Bollington Medical Centre, Priorslegh Medical Centre, Mcilvride Medical Practice, and the School House Surgery. They will now redirect you to www.MiddlewoodPartnership.co.uk that we proudly worked on for some time and went live last month.

It is something when you think of a website. You may think of a storefront for your favorite clothing outlet, eBay, or social places like Facebook. Websites have been evolving; you can now learn a new profession, browse the web in Virtual reality, take a tour around the world and get your shopping delivered all without the need to leave the house. Although I would recommend getting out there every once in a while!

A lot has been learned over the past 20+ years that modern websites have been around, I would say probably the most in just recent years.  The latest step in the form of getting primary care needs in the comfort of your own home. Middlewood Partnership uses a system called AskmyGP for getting appointments down from weeks to within a day or the same day, messaging photos to our GP’s, staying in touch on mobile – the list goes on.

The new Middlewood website has been designed from the ground up to be easy to use. It has all the information you need such as FAQ’s at your fingertips and lightning-fast. Middlewood will keep innovating with technology – creating bridges so that we can communicate with people that really need help.

I have been reading the growing list of blog posts from other areas of Middlewood. It is nice to hear what practice managers, Nurses and Doctors are talking about. Click here to see them.

Stay safe,

Stephen Wilson – IT Administrator for Middlewood Partnership