Mental Health and Covid-19

In normal times one in four of us experience a mental health problem each year but with social isolation and the other challenges of Covid-19 the impact on our mental health is significant.

The NHS has a resource called “Every Mind Matters” with lots of information to help with your mental health including generating your mind plan.

Other Mental Health Resources

Below are some resources which you may find helpful to contact regarding mental health. Please contact us on askmyGP if you would like to discuss your mental health individually with your GP if you require further support.

My Talking Therapies

Official NHS Talking Therapies - you can self refer

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CGL - Drug and Alcohol Services

Local drug and alcohol support which allows self referral

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Cheshire East Mental Well Being Page

Lots of information regarding local services around Mental Well Being

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Mental Health Charity with lots of useful information

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Mental Health UK

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