Meet the Volunteers – Sharon Duke

Meet the Volunteers – Sharon Duke

Who are you and what do you do in your usual life?

I’m Sharon Duke, in my usual life I’m the Communities Co-ordinator at Poynton Town Council. In my role I support community initiatives as is the reason why I’ve been involved with supporting the Covid-19 clinics at the Civic Hall.

What motivated you to come and volunteer?

From a Town Council perspective, we’ve been very pleased that our Civic Hall has played an important part in the vaccination programme for Poynton.  We know the most important thing is happening inside the Civic Hall, but we also felt that it was important to make sure the experience for patients was as smooth and as positive as possible, and is the reason why we reached out to Churches Together in Poynton and Poynton Runners and other volunteers  to make sure this support was available.  I’ve co-ordinated this as part of my role but have volunteered too, and I know I can speak on behalf of the other volunteers, we feel it’s been a brilliant opportunity to help support our community.

What has been your experience of vaccination centres so far?

Really positive! Volunteering at the entrance of the clinic involves making sure there’s a steady stream of patients into the clinic and managing the queue so people aren’t waiting out in the cold, rain and snow for too long!…and yes, we’ve had the worst of weather!!!

What has been the reaction of the local residents attending for their first vaccination?

In a nutshell, people are incredibly grateful to be receiving their vaccination.  There’s been a lot of love and there have been many, many positive comments from people as they leave the clinic about how ‘well organised’ their experience has been. We’ll look back on this time in Poynton’s history and we’ll think fondly about how the community came together with Middlewood Partnership to make this happen.