Mcilvride Appointment

You have been allocated an appointment at Mcilvride Medical Practice (The Chestnuts Surgery) on 5 Chester Road, Poynton. SK12 1EU.

We are using this building to assess patients at high risk of potentially having an infective condition which may be due to coronavirus. The rooms have been prepared for the most sterile conditions and staff will wear protective equipment (masks, gloves, aprons etc) to examine you. This ensures our other surgery sites do not have potentially infective patients waiting alongside vulnerable patients with no symptoms.

THE CLINICIAN WHO IS SEEING YOU MAY CALL YOU IN ADVANCE. This is because he/she will want to take a history before they examine you so you spend as little time as possible at the surgery, reducing the risk of spreading infection.

Please DO NOT ARRIVE too early for your appointment. If you arrive early please wait in your car/outside until 5 minutes before your allotted time. Please come in ALONE if you can, and with a maximum of only ONE carer if needed. Do not check in at the touch screen – Please avoid touching any furniture or objects unnecessarily. Please cough into tissues and dispose of them responsibly. Please try to avoid using our toilet facility. Please leave the building immediately after the appointment. The Clinician may call you after to conclude the consultation. Please do not sit near other patients.

For the safety of  patients and staff please can you wear a suitable face mask or covering  when attending for your appointment.