Make a healthier choice – Tuesday

Tuesday: Make a healthier choice

Tips and tools are shared to help you make better choices. From reading food labels and getting to grips with portion sizes, there’s a range of handy pointers to help you on your journey.

Quick wins

View and share the Make a healthier choice video.
Have a wholegrain option with breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.
Have at least 5 fruit and veg today – and every day!
Keep a water bottle or drink with you throughout the day so you can stay hydrated.

Activities and ideas Here are a few ideas for what you could do to make a healthier choice …

Read the label – Compare nutrition labels to make healthier choices 
Use labels to make healthier choices
Looking at nutrition labels – use this guide to help understanding nutrition information on food labels to help make healthy choices when shopping.
Food labels – learn how to make healthier choices by looking at food labels by reading through this information before you go shopping.

Get portion-wise – Choose the right size portion for you

Get portion-wise – Learn more about the importance of portion sizes and take a look at our portion size lists, perfect to help adults plan their meals.
Challenge yourself to think about portion sizes by comparing the portions you would normally eat compared with portion guidance on a packet. For example, they could pour breakfast cereal in a bow and weigh the amount – then compare to the portion stated on the cereal packet.

Make super swaps – Go for lower salt, fat and sugar options

Check out our Healthy lunches, snacks and healthier snacking while at-home resources to support.

Quality calories – it’s not just how much we eat, the quality of our diet is so important, so you can use this resource to help your calories go further. There’s also a version looking
at money, with the quality calories on a budget resource