Keep moving – Friday

It’s not just about what you eat and drink. Moving more, by being active, has many benefits for health and is an important part of a healthier lifestyle.

Quick wins

Fit activity into your daily life. A quick win could be walking rather than driving on short journeys.
When sitting for long periods, such as watching TV or playing computer games, stand up and stretch or walk around once every half an hour.
Go for a walk when making phone calls.

Activities and ideas

Here’s a few ideas for what you could do to keep moving …

Get active – Find ways to be more active everyday

Incorporating activity into daily life – read through this information for some inspiration and ideas to help you move more!
What are the recommendations? – learn about the recommendations for adults, children and older adults and what activities can help you towards meeting them.

Getting active together – learn about the added benefits of getting active with others, and get inspired to try something new!

Get active tracker – to help your family track their progress in completing the challenge. You can stick it up in your house and tick off the days you were active.
Step in line! Set a goal for how many steps you are doing per day and track your progress. If you are hitting your goal easily, set a challenge to go further!
Hourly movement challenge! Challenge yourself and others and create a 2-minute set of movements to be completed each hour (or two) during the Keep moving day! You could dedicate the moves for each hour to a certain part of the body or create a short routine for
all the body and be repeat it each hour. Why not meet on a video call to do the movements together with others?

Keep it fresh – Stay motivated by trying new ways to be active

If you love getting active and want to learn how what you eat can support activity, register for our online training course Sport and exercise nutrition