How we redefined general practice

The formal merger of our four, previously independent, practices into one organisation (now a single primary care network) gave us the opportunity to radically transform the way we deliver care to our patients and the way we run our organisation.


Five years ago, the four original practices were facing extremely challenging times. We recognised that our strength would be to come together as one partnership, giving us the breadth of staff, funding and leadership to create a really stable, sustainable organisation.

New ways of working

So, we set out to redefine general practice, with one team of 140 people, one patient list and a central system to allocate patients to the most appropriate members of our team.

Our clinical model – with its single point of access to both the Middlewood and the wider community and social care teams – allows us to ‘embrace’ every query, allocating it to the right professionals to deal with quickly and responsively.

The clinical model is fully integrated with our community and social care partners – Team Bollington, Disley and Poynton (Team BDP). Team BDP is co-located in the same multi-disciplinary hub within one of the Middlewood bases to aid communication between team members and co-ordination of care.

Our transformation into one organisation has benefited our:

  • Patients – responsive, timely care from the most appropriate clinician
  • Staff – best use of their skills, opportunities for development and improved work-life balance
  • Organisation – better use of our staff, time and financial resources creating a resilient, sustainable partnership
  • Wider health and social care community-integrated clinical model and co-located teams, co-terminus with our primary care network

We’ve redefined general practice for the 21st century making it more responsive, engaged, integrated and resilient to improve care for patients and make Middlewood a great place to work.

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