Healthy Eating Week – Monday

Everyone needs time to reflect on their lifestyles and look to make improvements to enhance their health and wellbeing.

This week is Healthy Eating Week – British Nutrition Foundation – every day highlighting a different area

‘Find you’re healthier you’ is supported by five themes across the week:

Monday Know the facts;

Tuesday  Make a healthier choice;

Wednesday Plan for success;

Thursday Be the chef;

Friday Keep moving


Know the facts

We’re focusing on the basics of healthy eating, busting the myths and giving practical advice. It’s all based on the latest evidence, to help you make a difference.

Quick wins
Complete the healthy eating quiz, to see where you need to improve.
Download and use the Find your healthier you tracker for the week.
View and share the Know the facts video.

Activities and ideas
Here are a few ideas for what you could do to know the facts …

Eat well – Choose a wide range of healthier foods in the right proportions. The UK healthy eating model is called the Eatwell Guide – it shows the balance and variety
of foods that make up a healthy diet – you can find out more here.

Learn about what makes up a healthy, balanced diet and use this information to plan your meals – click here. Find out more about the UK’s healthy eating guide – click here.
There’s a video too.
Print and display the Eatwell Guide poster – it shows the balance and variety of foods that we need to have.
You may have heard about the importance of immunity during COVID. Why not check out these guides to nutrition and immunity?

Drink plenty – Have at least 6-8 drinks a day
It’s important that we have around 6-8 drinks a day.

A healthy hydration guide for adults and teenagers – print and stick on your fridge to help make sure you stick to the healthier options!

Make sure you get your 5 A DAY 

Get your 5 A DAY – learn why eating fruit and vegetables is important for your health.
Fun way to fibre – put the fun way to fibre poster up in the kitchen/tea room to help learn about how to make healthier swaps with fibre.
Learn about ways to have 5 A DAY and wholegrains as snack, and make healthier choices by reading through the Healthier snacking webpage.