Flu Q&A to the most commonly ask questions

Who is eligible for a flu vaccination?

Anyone over the age of 65, those aged under 65 with a health condition that puts them at risk, and all children up to year 7 in school.

I have heard that everyone over the age of 50 can get a free vaccine this year. When can I have mine?

Later in the year, there will be a vaccination campaign for the 50-65 year age group but this has not started yet. You can go to a pharmacy and pay to have a vaccination privately if you want one now however pharmacies are also prioritising their stock for the at-risk groups so they may not be able to offer one now either.

How do I book an appointment?

This year we are running clinics mainly off-site outside of our usual opening hours to facilitate social distancing. We will contact you informing you of your date and timeslot; if this is not convenient you can let us know via SMS reply or askmyGP and we will offer you an alternative. We understand that some patients prefer the convenience of drop-in clinics but it simply isn’t safe to operate this way during a pandemic with the associated queues.

What if I am housebound?

We are arranging home visits for housebound patients but if you are able to attend the surgery for other appointments please attend for a flu vaccine. Home visits are very time consuming and our staff resource is finite.