Ear Wax and Syringing

Ear syringing is no longer offered by General Practice locally.

– Ear syringing is a “high risk” procedure in terms of COVID exposure, putting both patients and staff at risk of transmission of the virus due to close proximity.
– The partnership is currently not commissioned/contracted to perform the procedure
– It carries with it a risk of both ear perforation and infection
– Safer, and more effective alternatives exist (such as ear drops, home “syringing kits/bulbs”, and microsuction)
– Our nursing team currently do not have the capacity to carry out syringing due to prioritising essential and urgent nursing services such as dressings, overdue smears and bloods tests, and long term condition management reviews (asthma, heart disease, diabetes for example).

If you have ear wax, you should:-

– Use over the counter drops to clear the wax for 2-3 weeks
– Consider purchasing an ear bulb (home syringing kit) More information on how to use them are within this helpful link. https://www.northumbria.nhs.uk//var/www/vhosts/middlewoodpartnership.co.uk/httpdocs/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Blocked-ears-wax-self-care-guidelines-for-patients.pdf
– Ear Micro-suction – we will be accepting referrals for this again in October (on the NHS) though patients may wish to consider having this done privately at the numerous services offered in the community

If you have symptoms of ear wax please follow the above steps. If you have any other concerns about your ears then please report this through the askmygp service on this website. If you wish to be considered for ear microsuction at the surgery (there is currently a 1-2 month waiting list) then please indicate this in your message. Thank you for your understanding.

Further information can be found in this video from our colleagues in Cheshire CCG.