Covid Vaccination Programme Update

A message from The Middlewood Partners: An update about further first vaccination clinics. 

We have been informed that Middlewood will receive a further delivery of first vaccinations next week.  Two further first vaccination clinics will be held  on Friday the 5th of February and Saturday the 6th of February.   These clinics will see us getting very close to completing first vaccinations for all our patients aged over 80.  This week we will be trying to contact, by letter, the last few people registered with us who are over 80 and who we have not been able to get in touch with.

Invitations will continue to be sent either, by text or telephone, to the over 75s age group.  This is a large group and we are working our way through it. We hope to be reaching out to the 70-75 age group as soon as possible depending on supply. Our team of Middlewood nurses, alongside our community nurses are continuing to work their way through the list of patients who are housebound and visiting each one to give them their first vaccination in their homes.  All care home residents have been vaccinated.

By the end of our clinic on Tuesday of this week 4900 people had received their first vaccination.

Details of when we will receive vaccine beyond the 5th and 6th of February is not available but as soon as further information is we will make you aware.  The rate at which we can vaccinate our population, and the number of vaccination sessions we can arrange, are 100% dependent on the supply and delivery of vaccines from NHS England. We have no control over when, how many, and what type of vaccine is delivered each week.

Contacting our practices: We are experiencing a significant number of calls to our practice bases about COVID vaccinations and I know many of you have felt frustration at not being able to get through on the telephone this week.  Please do try everything possible to avoid phoning us regarding COVID vaccination.

Please remember to continue to social distance and take the usual protective measures after your first vaccination as per the government guidelines.

As always thank you for your patience.  Once again can we ask you to bear with us during this extremely busy time and wherever possible and appropriate remember to use self-care and your local pharmacy team to deal with any minor illness.

The Middlewood Partners