Covid Testing

You are able to get a PCR test by either clicking on this link or phoning 119.

Sites are available 7 days a week and usually you are able to get a test without any significant wait.  Usually you get the results with 48 hours and usually 24 hours.

You are advised to get a PCR test immediately if you have symptoms which may be Covid such as a high temperature, cough or loss of or change to your sense of smell and taste.  If you have other symptoms however it still may be Covid and we would still encourage you to get tested – these can include muscle aches, symptoms of a bad cold and headache.  If there is any doubt please stay at home and organise a PCR test.

Many people are using lateral flow tests when they have symptoms but this is generally not recommended as they are more designed for people without symptoms.  If you have symptoms then it strongly recommended that you do a formal PCR test by clicking on the link.