Care Home Vaccinations

Completion of the delivery of the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine to all Middlewood Care Homes.

The pandemic has been devastating for everyone associated with Care Homes – sadly a number of residents lost their lives to the illness, staff members have often been under intolerable strain for months and relatives have been deeply upset by the necessary restrictions of their ability to visit loved ones. However, the process of providing vaccination is well and truly underway with the completion of the administration of the first dose to all residents and staff.  Whilst the debate continues over the timing of the second dose, we can hopefully start to see ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’ for an end to these challenging times for the residents, their relatives and the staff.

The Middlewood Partnership looks after 14 Care Homes and we are again exceptionally grateful to the collaborative efforts and teamwork that enable us to give the first dose in a safe, efficient and timely manner. Everyone has played their part – the care home staff who have co-ordinated obtaining the consent of the often frail, vulnerable residents and then accommodated the visits of the vaccinating team at a moment’s notice.  The individual doctors who have been assigned to each Home have taken the responsibility to deliver the vaccines – an often quite emotional role in light of the experiences of the last 12 months – and they have been wonderfully supported by a team of nurses and other health professionals.

After a week of intense activity we completed the process of administering the first dose of the vaccine to our Care Homes on the snowy Saturday 23rd January. We will very much look forward to giving the second dose as soon as the regulations allow.  Keep monitoring this website for further updates.