Beyond the week

Keep it up!

Once the week is over, let’s keep up the good work and use what we’ve learned and done.

Consider what worked well and see if you can make this a normal part of everyday work.

Here are eight ideas to sustain ‘Find your healthier you’ now and in the future:

1. Take note! Remind yourself about the key messages from the week and take note of any messages that you feel would best support you moving forward.
2. Has planning and tracking helped? Then keep the trackers up in your house. Pick the one that’s most helpful and keep in on your fridge.
3. Plan for change! If there was a new activity, healthy recipe or positive change you made throughout the week keep it up! Make a plan to fit it into your life.
4. Shop smart. Take the healthy eating week messages you learnt during the week into your shopping, and don’t forget to plan ahead and compare labels.
5. Share with others! Think of three things you have learnt this week and share with someone else. If you have been tackling the week with others, you can share you week’s top tips with each other.
6. Take your leaning further. Go that extra mile and complete one of our online courses. You can learn more about a subject that interests you, and complete the course in your own time and at your own speed.
7. Make healthier nudges. This could be keeping a fruit bowl where you work from home, carrying a water bottle around with you or starting to increase your active travel.
8. Keep it up! However you tackled the week’s challenges, making healthier choices is always beneficial. So, keep up the focus on healthy living in the future.

You’ll also find lots of information and support at – good luck!

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