Be the Chef – Thursday

Pulling together healthy eating know-how with practical cooking tips can help you make tasty, healthier dishes/meals. Healthier cooking tips will be given, with recipes and ideas for inspiration.

Quick wins

Plan to cook from scratch at least once a week. You could get family or friends involved, to help learn new recipes and skills.
Try new recipes! Rather than going for the tried and tested, challenge yourself and try something new. You can get friends and family involved by sharing recipes with each other.

Activities and ideas

Here’s a few ideas for what you could do to be the chef …

Get cooking – Encourage a love of cooking

Find a new recipe each day of the week and make it. Why not take a snap and share pictures with friends and families.
Watch a chef demonstrate some cooking skills online – learn something new.
Cook something special to celebrate the week!

Cook healthier – Make healthier meals by changing ingredients and the way you cook

Use these tips on how to modify meals to make them healthier. Top tips include making healthier swaps (e.g. go for wholegrain), swapping for reduced salt/fat/sugar versions, adding fruit and veg to meals, and/or changing the cooking method (e.g. grill or bake, don’t fry).

Be inspired – Use recipes and tips from friends, and share your success

Get creative and cook recipes from around the world. They might be from different traditions, celebrations and religions, or somewhere you’ve been on holiday! You could use a world map to plot the recipes.
Share a family favourite recipe – it might have been ‘handed down’ though the family, or just something that everyone enjoys together. You could even create a recipe montage!
Low energy density recipes – complement what you learnt about energy density in ‘know the facts’ section and try a series of low energy density recipes. Try our Made with love, shared with love recipes – follow these recipes with your children and discuss the importance of sharing food and cooking for others.


There’s lots of places to find recipes. As a guide, look for recipes that have plenty of fruit and veg, don’t add salt and use wholegrains. When serving, think about the right portion size. Here’s are a few links to recipes available on our BNF Healthy Eating Week supporter sites,
and from other sources:

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