Asthma inhalers

Please read and contact the surgery via text reply or AskmyGP if necessary. If you do not respond we assume we can cancel your request.

The practice is currently experiencing extreme levels of demand for help and support. This message is from all partners to patients requesting inhalers:

We can ONLY prescribe ONE reliever inhaler (e.g. Ventolin, bricanyl) in the following circumstances:

  • You have a formal and CURRENT diagnosis of asthma
  • You have attended for an asthma review in the last year (if invited) and your inhaler technique and use has been reviewed and confirmed
  • You have been issued a similar for active asthma in the last 2 years, or are on other asthma treatment (such as a brown inhaler)
  • You have NOT been recently issued an inhaler and are due a replacement (and not stock-pilling)


Asthma inhalers do NOT prevent Coronavirus infections. We are asking any patients without symptoms who do not meet the above criteria to NOT request an inhaler unless they are symptomatic. If you are worried (which many are) that you will become wheezy in the event of a coronavirus infection then you can contact 111 in the event of symptoms so you can be properly assessed at the time of any future infection. We are taking this action to protect national stocks of inhalers. If your wheezing worsens in the future then please contact us.

If, having read this message, you still feel you currently need an inhaler, and you meet the above criteria, or have any other queries then please contact us via text reply or AskmyGP.