An update from the Middlewood Partnership

We want to continue sharing our progress with the Middlewood COVID-19 Vaccination programme.

It was a busy week last week with clinics held over three days to administer the 2nd Pfizer vaccination to our patients who received a 1st Pfizer vaccination in the early stages of the programme.  We have been informed that we will not be receiving any further Pfizer vaccine until the week of the 10th of May.  However, we are trying to source some Pfizer vaccine before the 10th of May for those that missed their second dose last week but we are afraid there are no guarantees as this is something that we have no control over.  Please bear with us if you are waiting on a 2nd Pfizer vaccination we will get in touch with you.

Clinics giving our patients the 2nd Astra Zeneca vaccine will be held on the following dates:

·       Tuesday 13th April an all-day clinic

·       Tuesday 20th April an all-day clinic

·       Friday 23rd April an all-day clinic

·       Saturday 24th April a morning clinic

These will be for patients who received the Astra Zeneca vaccine as their 1st vaccination.  In addition, there will be a small group of patients who have been invited to get their 1st vaccine as they live with a household member who is severely immunosuppressed. 

Visits to our care home patients and those patients who are housebound to administer the 2nd vaccination are ongoing.  Again we ask for your patience on this.  You will be contacted or visited in the coming weeks depending on nurse availability. 

You may be aware from messages sent out last week that we have been unbelievably busy.  The number of requests that have been received via AskmyGP is unprecedented.  We very much appreciate that people are anxious and feel they need to get in touch.  However once again please can we ask that you bear with us.  This is a very challenging time.  We are continuing to deliver all our day-to-day services, as well as running the vaccination clinics alongside visiting the care homes and the housebound to give 2nd vaccinations.

Thank you to all our staff, who are both supporting this incredible vaccination programme alongside delivering day-to-day services.  Please can we respectfully ask that at all times try to be kind and patient with our staff – thank you! 

Wherever possible and appropriate remember to use self-care and your local pharmacy team to deal with any minor illness.

Stay safe everyone.

The Middlewood Partners