An update about the Middlewood COVID-19 Vaccination programme

We continue to make significant progress with the vaccination programme. To date, 12,000 Middlewood patients have received the first vaccination. Thank you to everyone who continues to contribute.  We have a fantastic team of volunteers who are regularly supporting the programme.  This makes a massive difference to our ability to continue delivering the vaccination programme at the current pace.

The latest update that we have about vaccine supply and the current cohorts is that:

  • We have been told that the supply of vaccines will increase towards the end of March.  This Is very good news and we are in a good position to respond to this.
  • Continuing to offer first vaccination doses, in line with vaccine supply and the JCVI guidance, is the priority.
  • We are being advised that we will be beginning to get a vaccine supply for second doses towards the end of March. No dates for this have been confirmed.
  • We have been advised to ensure that all cohorts 1-6 have been vaccinated before moving into lower cohorts – please contact us if you feel you are in the cohorts 1-6 groups and have not yet received an invite

  • The 60-64  age group are  continuing to be advised to book at a mass vaccination center:

  • There are strict guidelines telling us that 2nd doses are to be given between 77 and 84 days after the first and NOT before.
  • We cannot give an exact date for 2nd doses due to ongoing uncertainties in vaccine delivery schedules – please do not contact us regarding this, be assured you will receive an invite when your second dose is due
  • Our next clinic for 1st vaccinations will be on the  10th of March

Why have I been invited at a different time to someone living in my household?:

We understand that some people have asked why they are being invited separately to other members of their household.  We are very sorry if this is inconvenient. This is due to the searches that we run that identify eligible patients.  This then links to the booking system.  The searches are based on a set of criteria, which is not sensitive to individual addresses.  Again we are sorry for this, but we hope that you understand the priority at present is to use the searches to ensure we invite those people who are eligible in each cohort.  Once again thank you for your patience and support.

We continue to ask you to bear with us during this extremely busy time and wherever possible and appropriate remember to use self-care and your local pharmacy team to deal with any minor illness.