An important message for those who have been vaccinated

An important message for those who have been vaccinated

It is fantastic that we have started our Covid Vaccinations at Middlewood and that by the end of this week over 3000 people will have had their jab.  It is very clear in the clinics how much this means to people.  A number of people have really been quite emotional about how this is the start of hopefully being able to do all the things they have not been able to do over the last year, from going out for a meal to hugging the grandchildren.  It’s a privilege to be involved with delivering these vaccines to our population.

However, it is as important as ever now not to become complacent.

Even though you have been vaccinated with your first dose,  it continues to be as important as ever to continue to take all of the measures that you have being doing over these last long months to stay safe.  We do think that having your first vaccination does give a pretty good level of protection but this only happens approximately after two weeks or so and you certainly shouldn’t consider yourself immune after one vaccination Hopefully as more people are vaccinated the levels of Covid within the country will reduce and of course things will improve even more with your 2nd vaccination.

It is expected that  all the ongoing measures and, introduction of the vaccination programme, will allow the  lifting of restrictions in the near future  and we can start to begin to think again about life going back to closer to “normal”.  However we certainly aren’t there yet , especially with the news yesterday that the UK tragically has the highest death rate in the world from Covid at the moment.

Please stay safe and continue to adhere to all the national guidance  and hopefully all our efforts will continue to slowly improve the situation moving forward.