A message regarding HRT (Oestrogel) supply issues Update MAY 2022

We want to make people aware that there continues to be problems with the availability of oestrogen gel in the UK. We have been advised that this is likely to be short term.

We appreciate that this is a frustrating time for many people after feeling the benefits of oestrogen replacement only to discover the gel that was helping may symptoms is now unavailable.

Our Middlewood Prescription Team are liaising with local community pharmacies around supplies. The supplies appear to be changeable from day to day. We want you to be aware that there are other preparations of oestrogen available which may be worth trying whilst we wait for the supply problems to be resolved. Sandrena is an alternative gel to use, although increased demand is having an impact on the availability of this too.

Alternatives to gels are the different types of oestrogen patches, or the oestrogen spray, Lenzetto. These are also absorbed directly through the skin into your bloodstream and are not associated with a risk of clots. Oestrogen tablets are also available.

Supplies of Utrogestran (micronized progesterone) which is often prescribe with Oestrogel, Sandrena, Lensetto and Oestrgoen Patches do not appear to have been affected.

We will do our best to provide an alternative form of Oestrogen until the supply issues are fully resolved if you are unable to get Oestrogel.

Thank you for your understanding and patience at this difficult time.