A Message for Patients of Disley

A big hello and shout out to all our Disley patients and families – we miss you all, we really do!

The current crisis has changed almost every aspect of our lives, including the provision for healthcare locally. Your Schoolhouse Surgery is still very much up and running, with the usual team responding to health needs and hopefully still providing a safe, reliable and valued service to the community.
However, the organisation of your General Practice has had to evolve to cope with the particular circumstances and constraints of corona virus pandemic. The vast majority of services can still be organised from the Surgery but, as you may well be aware, we are currently not able to see patients face to face in Disley.

There are multiple reasons for this, including not least the lovely, open plan, friendly layout of the Surgery preventing effective infection control provision at this time and indeed risking inadequate separation of potentially infectious patients from vulnerable individuals. Added to this the effect on our workforce of the condition and the strict self-distancing restrictions does mean we are operating ‘behind closed doors’.  However, we are very grateful to still be able to offer as safe as possible face to face appointments at our sister sites in Poynton or Bollington – with either one of your usual Disley GPs or indeed one of our excellent, trusted colleagues.

Whilst we are pleased and so fortunate to be able to offer this service, we all recognise the importance, value and need for residents to have doctors and nurses appointments in the village of Disley. The Schoolhouse Surgery team really miss those interactions and I’m sure the feeling is mutual.

At the risk of sounding like a politician this service will be re-established just as soon as it is safe and practical to do so.

In the meantime do take care of yourself, seek health advice from official, recognised and trusted sources and contact us preferably via AskmyGP or if necessary by telephone if you have health concerns that you feel we can help with.

Stay safe.

Dr Andrew Maurice