World Menopause Day 2023

The 18th October marks World Menopause Day. As clinicians we see a lot of women with menopausal symptoms and how people feel and manage during this is incredibly individual. Awareness continues to rise about the Menopause but women can still feel unsure or scared to come and see a medical professional. Some may feel that what they are experiencing is normal and they should ‘just get on with it’. Others may be apprehensive about speaking to someone for fear of being dismissed or being accused of wasting time.

The focus of World Menopause Day this year is Cardiovascular (Heart) health. The British Heart Foundation have some good resources on this – In Middlewood there are a fantastic team of GPs, Nurses, Physician Associates and other allied health professionals who you can speak to about your heart health but also about the Menopause in general. We are not the only option and have updated the Menopause page on the Middlewood website to highlight some of the fantastic local services and organisations which are available in addition to what we provide. On 13th September we were part of a Menopause Evening at Poynton Civic Centre and hope to get involved in more events going forwards to educate and raise awareness.

There is lots of help and support out there. Please don’t suffer in silence.